About the Project

Every day we walk by buildings. They surround us as we pass through downtown Indianapolis, whether it’s for work or pleasure, and we enjoy their grandure. Still, we rarely take time to learn anything about them.

The Walk Indianapolis project is a volunteer collaboration by people who wanted the stories of our buildings to be told. We also want to encourage people to put on walking shoes and explore our downtown.

Download a tour to a wireless device and you’re ready to go. Whether it be morning, night or multiple days - these tours are to be done on your schedule. So get out and get to know Indianapolis, whether you're a longtime resident or a visitor wanting to familiarize yourself with new surroundings. At the very least, it's a good excuse to get some exercise.

At Walk Indianapolis our mission is to help visitors and locals alike explore more of our great city. We are doing this through self-guided tours of the city's landmark buildings, with audio commentary from some of the city's leading architects. With these tours, you can explore the history and the magnificence of these structures. Our first tour explores the historic core of the city. We hope this helps you enjoy exploring what Indianapolis has to offer.

Look for new tours coming soon.