Veterans Memorial Plaza

North Side of Michigan St. between Meridian and Pennsylvania

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Centrally located in the seven block war memorial district listed as a National Historic Landmark, the Veteran's Memorial Plaza honors all Indiana veterans. The centerpiece is an Obelisk that reaches 100 feet. It was constructed out of black Berwick granite in 1930. This piece symbolizes the nation’s hopes and aspirations. At the base of the Obelisk are bronze tablets that share the 4 essential elements of the nation’s hopes; law, science, religion and education. This Obelisk is why the Plaza is also knows as Obelisk Square. A 100-foot diameter fountain made from pink Georgia marble and terrazzo surrounds the Obelisk.

When the plaza was completed, the majority of it was paved to accommodate large gatherings, and serve as a dedicated space for the 50 state flags. In 1975, during the City’s Bicentennial celebration, some of the paving areas were removed and replaced with lawn and landscaping as a part of the celebration’s beautification efforts.