World War II Memorial

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Designed with the intent to be similar to the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials, this monument is on the east side of the American Legion Mall. It is just shy of 20’ wide, much larger than the other two, reflecting the size and scale of World War II, and is truly a half-circle.

This memorial displays messages on the concave and convex sides of this half-circle. The concave side displays letters from Indiana World War II veterans, and the operations completed during the war. The convex side of the memorial exhibits a history of the war, and acknowledges the Hoosier Medal of Honor recipients and notable Hoosier units. This memorial also contains a digital list of all the Hoosiers who lost their lives during this effort in a computer located adjacent to the memorial.

Like the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the WWII Memorial was a contribution made by the Indiana War Memorial Commission. Their mission is to commemorate and pay honor all the branches of service that gave their loyal and faithful service in the War.